In September 1943, The Krait (MV) sailed through uncharted waters to deliver one of the most audacious and successful results of the second World War. Today, we honour The Krait by naming our foundation after her. The men and women of the Australian Special Operations Command face the same uncharted waters as they transition out of uniform. We are here to guide them through.


Our mission is to serve the Special Operations community on their biggest challenge yet - transitioning to civilian life. 
We harness all the learnings from their career and enable them to see opportunity, expose them to new environments and take that next step with confidence.


The vision of The Krait Foundation is to provide a supportive ecosystem for the post military career endeavors of those who served within SOCOMD and their families. 
We believe this is augmented by a variety of personal development, education, and exposure to career opportunities to deliver fulfillment and their new found identity.
Quentin Masson and Luke Andrews from the krait foundation


The Krait Foundation is a career readiness program that translates elite military service to the private sector and helps create the next generation of business and community leaders. The Krait Foundation will bridge the “readiness gap” of those serving members and their families who are transitioning from full time service to their civilian pursuits. 

An integrated program has been established that is delivered over two months, comprising of a week-long intensive course to accelerate one’s understanding of themselves, their identity and put together a plan for the pursuit of purpose and fulfilment. At the conclusion, our members will be well equipped for whatever path they decide to choose to take in their career, whether that be a career in the corporate world, being more informed and self-aware in their next role, or making a business idea come to life.


Are you a current or former serving member of the Australian Special Operations community or spouse? Click the arrow to apply for the next course.
our values at the krait foundation
TKF class and students


We are always on the lookout for career coaches and advisors for our community, want to find out more about volunteering your business or leadership skills or subject matter expertise? Click the arrow.


The lifeblood of the Krait Foundation rests on your support. We seek donors to contribute to the lives of the men and women who made sacrifices for our nation.. Your donation will have an immense and long lasting impact on the Australian Special Forces community. To sponsor our Special Forces veterans and their spouses through their transition journey click the arrow.
Career readiness program teacher student
TKF class in action


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“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong”
 ~Mandy Hale~
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