The Krait Foundation is a career readiness program that translates elite military service to the private sector and helps create the next generation of business and community leaders. The Krait Foundation will bridge the “readiness gap” of those serving members and their families who are transitioning from full time service to their civilian pursuits. 

An integrated program has been established that is delivered over two months, comprising of a week-long intensive course to accelerate one’s understanding of themselves, their identity and put together a plan for the pursuit of purpose and fulfilment. At the conclusion, our members will be well equipped for whatever path they decide to choose to take in their career, whether that be a career in the corporate world, being more informed and self-aware in their next role, or making a business idea come to life.
Luke Andrews aka Blue


Program Manager

Luke Andrews, also known as ‘Blue’ is a highly skilled veteran of Special Forces with over a decade of experience. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the challenges faced by veterans transitioning from military to civilian life. Having served in various demanding roles, Blue understands the importance of re-education and reinvigoration after serving.

Blue is a recipient of the prestigious Wandering Warriors MBA scholarship, a testament to his dedication and leadership potential. Blue oversees the day-to-day operations and shapes the comprehensive program and curriculum offered by The Krait Foundation.

Blue’s hands-on experience and unwavering commitment to the veteran community make him an essential asset in facilitating successful transitions and fostering meaningful opportunities for those who have served. His leadership and dedication embody the ethos of service and support at the heart of The Krait Foundation programs.




Nicci has over 30 years of personal and career experience that has made her aware of the importance of re-education and realignment for those who have served in the military. With her deep understanding of the challenges faced by Special Operations Veterans and their families, she, alongside Luke Andrews, manages the day-to-day operations and overall program and curriculum at The Krait Foundation.


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“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong”
 ~Mandy Hale~
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